Student Mentorship and Education

As an undergraduate and post-graduate I had many wonderful opportunities to work with scientists around the world while studying biology. These experiences were profoundly important for my decision to pursue a career in academics. Since then, I have endeavored to help students explore their interest in biology through independent research. I believe that students learn best when actively involved in their education and research. As a teacher and research mentor, I strive to help my students develop the tools to think critically about the world around them in order to develop their skills as scientists and global citizens.

Current Students
Fanny-Linn Kraft, Deakin University, Victoria
Fanny’s main research interests are animal behaviour and cognition, as well as the evolutionary processes behind these. For her PhD, she is currently researching transgenerational effects of developmental stress and how they relate to song learning in passerines. Ultimately, her research addresses the selective pressures that effect avian cognition and signalling.


Sarah Fischer, Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory
Sarah’s research interests include the effects of changing fire regimes on bird species in the Top End and the use of spatial imagery in ecology.  Her PhD is focusing on the Gouldian Finch population of the Yinberrie Hills in the Northern Territory and she hopes to utilise Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to track their movement across the landscape in response to seasonality and human disturbance.  A new, exciting part of this research for her is investigating the physiological responses of the Gouldian finches to environmental stressors.